Profitable Ventures

ISSUE #018

With the recovery of the vivarium from the old exploration ship and its’ successful integration into Homeport, the crew was quite proud of their space station’s operating capacity. Hiram volunteered to stay on to help manage the day-to-day operations and Quark was willing to do this as long as he accepted a significant salary cut. Hiram accepted the loss of hazard pay for the loss of dealing with the hazards and agreed.

At this point, the crew convened for a shareholder’s meeting and Quark talked for hours. Apparently Quark Enterprises is doing quite well, but it needed more money. Also, they’d need to deal with the fact that many of their assets were no longer welcome in Imperial space. So the team decided to look into a better ship to facilitate the making of more money. Through various contacts, the crew decided to look for a Gozanti-class cruiser. They found a well-loved and used one that had been stripped of most of its’ armaments for a bargain price. Thus, the Profit Tier 2 was born.

Next, the crew decided to look around for appropriate armaments for their larger ship. Turbolasers immediately sprang to mind, but as they were both expensive and restricted, the team had their work cut out for them. Looking into black market contacts in the area, eventually the crew found themselves at a shady table full of gangster like toughs. The deal actually started out going quite well, but when one of the thugs made a joke about Quark’s race things quickly escalated to (non-lethal) violence. The crew was satisfied that they’d beaten those who annoyed them senseless and left the bar.

Unfortunately this situation was not quite over. The next day, when they were delivered their new ship, it came pre-loaded with several unlicensed turbolasers. It also came pre-loaded with the attention of the local authorities, who had alerted a squad of Imperials in the area. The crew was arrested and only escaped captivity thanks to one of their new recruits, Ernst, who got lucky causing their prison shuttle to crash and facilitated a quick escape.

The crew had little recourse in their next actions. They quickly returned to the spaceport and assaulted the administration area, modifying the outgoing transmissions to omit any mention of this incident. They disabled the automated security systems and returned to the hangar and were forced to deal with the troops. In the end, authorities would find several empty hangars (including one that had previously held the shuttle the Imperials had arrived on) and no record of the people who had been using them along with the corpses of a large squad of stormtroopers.



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