Armor-based Stim Pack Deployment system

Designed by Doc, funded by Captain Quark, and built by Quark Enterprises. The aim of this armor is to allow the combat stims that the good doctor employs in combat to be used by others without the doctor being present.

Takes up a hardpoint on an armor. Allows one use of the Stim Application talent with Doc’s Medicine roll. To recharge this, either pay 100 credits or Doc needs to spend time with it to replenish it.


  • Improved Applicator: (5000c) The initial design for the applicator can be quite uncomfortable to the recipient. This upgraded design reduces the risk to the patient by quite a bit. [May use the Improved Stim Application Talent]
  • Refined Mixtures: (5000c) The stims typically lose a bit of potency over time when compared to the ones that Doc mixes on the fly. These changes to the mixtures allow them to retain their full potency for longer and remain at full effectiveness in the armor. [Requires the Improved Applicator, Allows use of Supreme Stim Application]
  • Concentrated Formula: (20000c) Increasing the potency of the stims reduces the dosage that is needed to achieve the same effect. Because of this, considerably more doses can be stored in the same applicator. [Changes the usage to “Once per Encounter” rather than requiring Doc to be present to recharge it]

Armor-based Stim Pack Deployment system

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