Project Vanguard

Project Vanguard was designed by the previous owner of Homeport as a means of taking ships without destroying them through modified escape pods that allow a boarding party to rapidly enter the enemy vessel. The crew of the Profit has successfully used these pods to fight off enemies while disabled by ion damage to great effect.

Fits six people. One crewmember uses a piloting check to fly the pod to the enemy ship. Cannot be used to board a vessel that is moving faster than the maximum speed of the pod. Once attached to an enemy ship, needs to use an average mechanics check to breach the hull (requiring successes equal to the armor of the ship, can be done multiple times).

Silhouette 2 Vehicle. Handling -1. Speed 2. Hull Threshold 6, System Strain Threshold 6.
Cost to refit: 1000

Precision Thrusters: (5000c) Typically escape pods aren’t designed for precise maneuvering, as they usually only just go in one direction. This upgrade increases the ability of the pilot to maneuver the pods. [ +1 handling, two levels available ]
Afterburner: (5000c) Escape pods typically have some form of thrust that cuts off shortly after it leaves the ship. Project Vanguard added new thrusters to the pods designed for sustained burn, but there’s room for improvement. Increases the maximum speed of the pods. [ +1 Speed, two levels available ]
Fusion Torch: (5000c) With the balance between weight and thrust being necessary, the cutting tools were not the best available for the pods. Better cutting tools could be procured to increase the breaching capability of the pods. [ Upgrades the Mechanics Check once, two levels available ].

Project Vanguard

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